This online conference is organized by the faculty of Loras College’s Sustainability Track as part of a curriculum-development project funded by a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Humanities Connections grant. We hope that it will become an annual event. The inaugural theme is Radical Climate Justice and the Humanities, and we are pleased to host guest lectures by Dr. John Foran (Sociology) and Dr. Ken Hiltner (English), both of whom hold positions at UC Santa Barbara.

The online format of this mini-conference was suggested by Dr. Foran and inspired by the Nearly Carbon-Neutral conference model developed by Dr. Hiltner and UCSB’s Environmental Humanities Initiative. In addition to having a much smaller environmental footprint than a traditional conference or public lecture, the online format is much more broadly accessible.

Videos of the conference talks and Q&A sessions will be archived on this site.

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